Claudia N. Schöffler

I am a coach for personal leadership and an Enneagram teacher working with individuals, leaders and teams. Partner at Awareness to Action since 2019. I am based in Augsburg, Germany.


With a degree in International Business, I worked for several years in the corporate world in Marketing, Sales and later as a freelancer for HR Consultancies. Almost 20 years ago, I started to study the Enneagram, and soon I understood how powerful this model can be for overcoming personal obstacles, developing professional skills and improving interpersonal relationships. 2012 I founded kapila kommunikation, bringing the Enneagram into education and parenting. 2015 I certified as an Enneagram teacher with Wilfried Reifarth (DEZ).
Intrigued by Mario’s approach to the Enneagram, critical thinking and how the human brain works, I became more and more interested in neuroscience, the psychological and biological processes of the human mind and body. 2020 I completed an advanced training about brain based and trauma informed coaching. Understanding our personality, discovering the reason why we rely on these strategies, and finding back to our resources means self-efficacy.
A decisive quality to be able to navigate private and professional challenges successfully.

Become a better leader.

Stop letting habitual and limited narratives keep you from continuing to grow. Learn to work with your innate tendencies, better understand your environment, and capably adapt to any situation.