Collected Articles, Vol. 1–Awareness to Action Leadership

Awareness to Action
May 7, 2020

This collection of articles by Mario Sikora, an international executive coach and leading expert in the Enneagram model of personality, address a variety of aspects of the Awareness to Action Leadership model. Over 30 articles cover topics including self-awareness, power dynamics, critical thinking skills for leaders, effective networking, and talent development.
From the introduction:
““Awareness to Action Leadership” is as much an attitude as it is a model for leadership. At its core is the belief that effective leadership starts with awareness— self-awareness, an understanding of others, and the ability to see our environment with as few distortions and filters as possible. Building upon awareness is authenticity—the willingness and ability to adapt to our environment; the capacity to change, but to change in a way that stays true to our fundamental values and temperament. Finally, and one could argue most importantly, comes the ability to take action—to act effectively and efficiently, to execute, and to drive execution throughout the organization.
I have developed a leadership model over the past 15 years that identifies 12 competencies separated into four groups, with each group represented by a simple, dynamic model.* These are competencies that I have I have found to be useful to be useful to my clients—leaders of large and small organizations on five continents. The articles in this collection, to the degree possible, are divided into sections relating to those 12 competencies. They are articles that I have written over the past five years or so, and they were not written with the plan to eventually gather them in a collection such as this. Therefore, I will ask the reader’s forgiveness for the overlap and redundancies in some of the articles, but each article included adds some value that is not found in other articles in the collection.”

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