Our proprietary model of the Enneagram of personality styles is based on over two decades of research and application by thought leader and consultant Mario Sikora, ATAI's founder

The Awareness to Action Enneagram

The Awareness to Action International is the leading global innovator in the theory and application of the Enneagram to organizations.  Mario is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Enneagram and has worked with clients in 25 countries on five continents. Below is an overview of this powerful model for understanding yourself and others and for creating lasting change.

People with all sorts of personalities can be successful at work. There are successful introverts and successful extroverts, successful optimists and successful pessimists. Our personality style doesn’t determine our success, but while it is often the source of many of our strengths, it can create blind spots and obstacles that can hold us back.

The value of personality models is that they give us a framework for leveraging strengths and more-quickly recognizing blind spots and obstacles. A good model can also provide us with roadmaps for overcoming those blind spots and obstacles.

No model of personality styles does those things better than the Enneagram.

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