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You shouldn’t have to forfeit the power of the Enneagram in order to create a practical approach to coaching with it.

Whether you’re moving from self-development to professional development or have current roadblocks in your own teaching, we understand how elusive it can be to translate the enneagram into business strategies. The last thing you want is to be perceived as too ethereal for practical application.

Feel capable of using the Enneagram in a professional setting.

As an Enneagram coach, you want to to help leaders grow, redefine their narratives, and effectively engage their teams well. The problem is, the Enneagram is taught as a tool but is too complicated in its traditional language to resonate with a pragmatic leader. This can leave you frustrated trying to translate the transformational wisdom of the enneagram in a way that can be easily accepted, trusted, and implemented by a pragmatic leader.

It has ideas and concepts that don’t survive the rugged environment of critical thinking and often do not hold up to real-world application. 

Simple. Not simplistic.

We believe that understanding the Enneagram is just the first step. You deserve to then have the language and framework you need to effectively speak into the mind of a leader and motivate them to expand their thinking.

We know people’s stories better than they do.

We know what keeps people trapped in their own limited narratives and we help them change that narrative so they can become adaptively competent.

With that understanding, we’ve spent the last 25 years creating deep insight that brings the clarity of the Enneagram into a professional environment.

Refining concepts without redefining the Enneagram.

We’re not simplifying anything the Enneagram offers. We are simply offering a new approach, distilled from decades of discernment in the business setting. Here’s how we do it:

Make change less threatening.

Dismantle obstacles and rewrite narratives.

Effectively Inform and Motivate leaders to grow.

Stop feeling limited by the complexity of the Enneagram.

Be useful and wise at all times with a clear and actionable approach to help your clients transform.

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