Awareness to Action Enneagram Certification Program—Module One

  • ¿Eres un coach, consultor o profesional de Recursos Humanos/OD que busca herramientas que te hagan más interesante y valioso para tus clientes?
  • ¿Estás intrigado por el Eneagrama pero buscas un enfoque claro, pragmático y amigable para los negocios de este poderoso sistema?
  • ¿Te gustaría aprender cómo aplicar el Eneagrama a una amplia gama de situaciones y entornos?

The Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram is clear, concise, business-friendly and science-minded, while maintaining the depth of traditional approaches to the system. We are the leading innovators in the theory and pragmatic applications of the system to all aspects of the work environment, including leadership and personal development, team-building, diversity and culture, and managing change.

Our certification program is one of only a handful of curricula accredited as a school by the International Enneagram Association (IEA).

Our approach to the Enneagram is unique and based on two decades of applying the model with leaders across the globe in organizations of all sizes. Our staff of senior instructors is truly international, coming from the U.S., South America, and the Middle East, and assisted by a team of skilled teaching assistants to ensure personal attention for the participants.

Module 1 introduces this unique, pragmatic, and useful model of the Enneagram and teaches how it can be used in a variety of applications for leaders and those who work with them, such as coaches, consultants, and human-resources and organizational-development professionals. The module includes:

  • The Nine Ennea-type Strategies,
  • The Three Instinctual Biases,
  • The 27 Subtypes,
  • Leadership and Communication Styles
  • Creating Change with the Awareness to Action Process,
  • Assessing Personality Type,
  • Learning platform available 24/7,
  • Multiple resources, including “The Enneagram Guidebook,” and
  • Extra live Q&A sessions with the trainers

Don’t miss the opportunity to study a practical approach to how the Enneagram can be applied in both practical business-world situations and serious self-exploration and self-development.

The Awareness to Action Enneagram certification program will be delivered online in twelve 90-minute sessions supplemented by asynchronous, pre-recorded content and individual and small-group projects.

The cost of the program is $995 USD, but there is an Early Bird price of $895 for payment by January 1. We are also offering an option to pay in three monthly installments of $345 each, with an Early Bird option of three installments of $300. 

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