Awareness to Action Enneagram Certification Program—Module Two “Accelerating Growth” (May 2021)

  • Are you ready to go even deeper into the Enneagram after attending our Module 1 Certification Program? 
  • Are you looking for tools for accelerating your growth, or helping you clients improve more quickly?
  • Are you looking for ways to increase your capacity for mindfulness that supports practical action? 


MODULE TWO – ACCELERATING GROWTH –  focuses on a deeper understanding of advanced concepts of the ATA Enneagram—the Core Qualities and Accelerators. The Core Qualities are the foundation of our nature, and Module Two explores how these qualities become stunted and what we can do to nurture their growth. Participants will explore how the nine strategies intersect and interfere with the development of the core qualities, and they will learn how to develop the deepest aspects of themselves by working with the personality rather than against it. In addition, participants will learn the nine Accelerators, practices that enable growth in a targeted and efficient way.

The Module also explores our unique approach to creating practical mindfulness that provides support for effective action. Finally, participants learn how to use the 27 Awareness to Action diagnostic and remedial charts—valuable tools for helping people of each subtype chart a path for growth.

It is in Module Two that participants begin to understand the Enneagram in a deep way. They start to truly understand that rather than being a mere map of nine different kinds of people, it is also a map of nine aspects of each one of us.

TO REGISTER, PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL AT, TO CONFIRM THAT YOU FULFILL THE REQUIREMENTS. Completion of Module One is a prerequisite for this program.

This module of the Awareness to Action Enneagram certification program will be delivered online in twelve two-hour sessions supplemented by asynchronous, pre-recorded content and individual and small-group projects.

The Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram is unique and based on two decades of applying the model with leaders across the globe in organizations of all sizes. Our staff of senior instructors is truly international, coming from the U.S., South America, and the Middle East. The Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram is clear, concise, business-friendly and science-minded, while maintaining the depth of traditional approaches to the system. We are the leading innovators in the theory and pragmatic applications of the system to all aspects of the work environment, including leadership and personal development, team-building, diversity and culture, and managing change. Our certification program is one of only a handful of curricula accredited as a school by the International Enneagram Association (IEA).

For the first time ever, the Awareness to Action Enneagram certification program is being delivered online. Don’t miss the opportunity to study a practical approach to how the Enneagram can be applied in the real world to a corporate audience. The ATA Enneagram certification is grounded in 20-plus years of experience in organizations and delivered by an international team. Includes online sessions once a week, small-group work sessions, and offline assignments.

The cost of the program is $995 USD, but there is an Early Bird price of $895 for payment by April 20. We are also offering an option to pay in three monthly installments of $350 each, with an Early Bird option of three installments of $305.

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May 05 2021


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