How to Think Well, and Why: The Awareness to Action Guide to Clear Thinking

Awareness to Action
May 7, 2020

Nothing is more important than the ability to think well and clearly. In this “Post-Truth World,” the consequences of not being able to think well are more dire than ever. “How to Think Well, and Why” uses the Awareness to Action Clear-Thinking Framework to identify five obstacles to clear thinking and five remedies for overcoming them.The five obstacles are: our built-in biases, personality, cultural influences, ignorance, and misinformation. The ATA Clear-Thinking Framework introduces a system of tools, concepts, skills, and attitudes for reducing these obstacles. It includes tools for recognizing our cognitive biases, our flawed logic, and the influence of our Enneagram personality style on how we filter our experiences. This book was written with the author’s sons in mind, because these skills are so critical for young people to develop. However, as an executive coach and leadership-development consultant, Sikora also provides insights into how leaders can apply these principles to become more effective. In fact, everyone can benefit from reading this book–and the reader will never see the world in the same way.

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