Mitt Romney: Profile of a Preserving (Self Pres) Three

Mario Sikora
Dec 11, 2011

It would be difficult to write a more vivid account of a Preserving (Self-Preservation) Three than this article about Mitt Romney.

He is portrayed as someone who is both incredibly thrifty, despite his enormous wealth, who is driven to work incessantly. This need to work is particularly notable around his desire to be a do-it-yourselfer around the house. Though he could easily afford staff to build a fence around his house, he insists on doing it himself over six successive weekends. Like many Preservers, he thinks he is saving money this way when in fact he could probably spend the time more productively on other things and pay people a fraction of what his time is worth.

It is interesting to watch the authors of the article try to create a psychological narrative describing how he ended up with this world view–a Mormon upbringing, a grandfather’s bankruptcy–but these types of psychological narratives often seem to be confabulatory just-so stories. It may be interesting to know the Romney’s background and the specifics of his political and ethical views, but the thrift, work ethic, and drive are the result of his being an Ennea-Type Three with a dominant preserving instinctual bias.

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