Navigating the "New Normal"

How our personality can hold us back and help us prepare for what comes next

How do we prepare for a future we can’t predict?
This is the question occupying the minds of most people today, but especially leaders.

The truth is that no one knows what “the New Normal” will be, but there are ways to be prepared for whatever does come along.

Adaptability and responsiveness to change is the key to surviving turbulent times. Leaders will be better equipped to respond to the future if they have an effective framework for understanding human nature, and no framework is more effective than the Enneagram.

This free Zoom session will explore the impact of personality, particularly the three instinctual biases of the Enneagram, on how we respond individually and collectively to the uncertainty brought on by the current health and economic crises.

Mario Sikora and Maria Jose Munita, global leaders in applying the Enneagram to business, will discuss how the three Instinctual Domains—Preserving, Navigating, and Transmitting—shape not only our personal lives but our work lives, and how all the activities of the enterprise can be seen through the lens of one of these domains. We will explore how our innate biases are being shaped and distorted by today’s unprecedented change, how our Enneagram-type strategy comes into play, and how leaders can proactively prepare their employees to better manage the individual and team stresses that are sure to continue as we all learn how to adapt to “the new normal.”