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Are you a coach, consultant, or HR/OD professional looking for tools to make you more marketable and valuable to your clients?Are you intrigued by the Enneagram but seeking a clear, pragmatic, and business-friendly approach to this powerful system?Would you like to learn how to apply the Enneagram to a wide range of situations and environments?Awareness to Action International is here to help.

The Awareness to Action Leadership, Coaching, and the Enneagram Certification Program

The Enneagram is the most powerful model available for understanding human nature, and the Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram is the most practical approach to the system available today. The ATA Enneagram is rooted in over 20 years of experience in organizations across the globe, but the content is applicable to all aspects of our lives. The approach is clear and concise, but still captures the depth and nuance of the Enneagram tradition.

This program has been taught live on five continents, but is now available online. It is perfect for anyone who uses the Enneagram in their personal lives, as therapists or other healers, or coaches and consultants to organizations.

The Awareness to Action Enneagram Certification Program makes this approach available in a comprehensive three-module format, as well as a variety of shorter programs and tools you can use in your work. We are also the leading innovators in the theory and pragmatic applications of the system to all aspects the work environment, including leadership and personal development, team-building, diversity and culture, and managing change.

Certification Program Curriculum

Our certification program, one of only a handful of curricula accredited as a school by the International Enneagram Association (IEA), consists of three modules. In between each model are self-directed projects that allow the participant to demonstrate their comprehension of the concepts and ability to apply the tools they learn.

Our programs are without equal for our innovative ideas, unique applications of the Enneagram model.

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introduces this unique, pragmatic, and useful model of the Enneagram and teaches how it can be used in a variety of applications for leaders and those who work with them, such as coaches, consultants, and human-resources and organizational-development professionals. The module includes the nine Ennea-type strategies, the three Instinctual Biases, the 27 subtypes, creating change with the Awareness to Action Process, and assessing personality type.


focuses on a deeper understanding of advanced concepts of the ATA Enneagram—the Core Qualities and Accelerators. The Core Qualities are the foundation of our nature, and Module Two explores how these qualities become stunted and what we can do to nurture their growth. The Module also explores our unique approach to creating practical mindfulness that provides support for effective action. Finally, participants learn how to use the 27 Awareness to Action diagnostic and remedial charts—valuable tools for helping people of each subtype chart a path for growth.


“Skillful means” are ways of effectively engaging with life and this module focuses on a set of dynamic and interconnected competencies related to the three instinctual biases and nine Ennea-type strategies. Participants will learn real-world skills for improving relationships, developing discernment, and increasing their personal effectiveness at in dealing with life’s fundamental challenges. Most approaches to the Enneagram focus on creating self-awareness; the Awareness to Action Enneagram goes further and help equips participants with the ability to turn that awareness into lasting growth.

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