Instinctual Teams

In a previous article I wrote about “Instinctual Leadership” and the effect of our instinctual bias on the way we perform as leaders. As I wrote there, each of us has a tendency to habitually focus on one of three domains of life’s challenges more than on the other two. Many of our strengths and vulnerabilities […]

Why Change Efforts Fail—Culture and the Instinctual Biases

One definition of culture that I like is “a group’s collection of implicitly agreed-upon ways of solving problems.” Culture is not something that is usually developed deliberately; it evolves from the psychological biases of those who form the group as they react to problems they encounter. This applies to cultures of all sorts—from national cultures to organizational […]

Thoughts on Using the Enneagram in Organizations

Recently, a Facebook friend put out a general call for advice for people who want to start using the Enneagram in organizations. Below is the guidance I gave.  Dear ______, This is a great topic and one I have a lot of opinions on; hope you don’t mind me sharing them here. I’ve been using […]

Spirituality and the Enneagram in Business, Part 2

(This post originally appeared as an article in the October issue of Nine Points Magazine, the International Enneagram Association’s quarterly online publication. For more information, go to In the first part of this article, which appeared in the last issue of Nine Points Magazine, I discussed my concerns about discussing spirituality when using the […]

Hiring and the Enneagram

“I need to hire a new (fill in the blank). What Enneagram type would be best?” It’s a question I hear with surprising frequency, and I can understand why. Hiring employees is a tricky business, and there are no foolproof ways to do it perfectly. A mis-hire can be expensive to a company–costing money, time, […]