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Instinctual Teams

In a previous article I wrote about “Instinctual Leadership” and the effect of our instinctual bias on the way we perform as leaders. As I wrote

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Hard and Soft, Objective and Subjective

This blog is a response to an email about my recent article in The Enneagram Monthly.  Here is an excerpt from the email: "I would have loved to hear more ... Read More

Subtypes FAQs, Part 4

Here is an email I received after giving my program on the instincts at the IEA European Conference in Paris this month and I decided to respond as part of ... Read More

Coaching President Obama

I was recently asked to participate in a thought experiment: A friend was surveying theorists who work at the intersection of personality and leadership for a project loosely called "Coaching ... Read More

New Workshop After the 2013 IEA Conference: The Subtypes, Coaching, and Leadership

THE SUBTYPES, COACHING AND LEADERSHIP Advanced Seminar for Enneagram Practitioners If you are not using the instincts in your work with the Enneagram, you are missing out on half the ... Read More

On Science–The Dangers of Inappropriately Conflating Science and Spirituality

In my last blog post I wrote about spirituality, and before continuing that thread I feel the need to make some comments about science. There is a tendency among some ... Read More

On Spirituality: the Enneagram as an Aid to Your Practice

And an old priest said, Speak to us of Religion. And he said: Have I spoken this day of aught else? "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran The topic of spirituality ... Read More