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The Conducting Mind

The is part of an ongoing series of articles on the qualities of the mind and mindfulness. For the others, visit us at the Awareness


The Fluid Mind

Sometimes our minds feel like a sieve. Things go in one ear and out the other, we walk into a room and forget why, or


The Noticing Mind

This is the fourth in a series of articles on mindfulness and the six qualities of the mind. Take a moment and look up from


The Focused Mind

The second of six qualities of the mind that we focus on at Awareness to Action International. It is the third in a series of


What Does It Mean to Be Mindful?

Mindfulness is a very popular topic in organizations these days. Many companies offer courses in mindfulness and tout its benefits—relaxation, improved focus, better performance. But

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Problems vs. Conditions

In life, there are problems and there are conditions, and they are not the same thing. Here is an example of what I mean: My 16-year old son is 6’3” ... Read More

Looking Past Three: The Instinctual Bias Subdomains

People tend to view the three instinctual domains as three discreet and specific “instincts”: self-preservation, social, and sexual (or one-to-one). This is an archaic and outdated view of biology, which ... Read More

Leadership and the Instinctual Biases: Preparing to Scale

Excerpted from the book “Instinctual Leadership: Working with the 27 Subtypes of the Awareness to Action Enneagram” by Mario Sikora with Maria Jose Munita. Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved. As ... Read More

Power: How to Get It and Why

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton) Acton may be correct (most people leave out the important word “tends” when repeating this quote), but I have ... Read More

My One Piece of New Year’s Advice

“So, what advice do you have for me?” asked Michael. The question took me a little by surprise. It came at the end of a social lunch, not a coaching ... Read More

Working With the Instinctual Biases–Skill and Self-Management

When it comes to working with your instinctual biases, there are two things to focus on: Learning to manage our reactions to them rather than being managed by them, andBecoming ... Read More