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The Conducting Mind

The is part of an ongoing series of articles on the qualities of the mind and mindfulness. For the others, visit us at the Awareness


The Fluid Mind

Sometimes our minds feel like a sieve. Things go in one ear and out the other, we walk into a room and forget why, or


The Noticing Mind

This is the fourth in a series of articles on mindfulness and the six qualities of the mind. Take a moment and look up from


The Focused Mind

The second of six qualities of the mind that we focus on at Awareness to Action International. It is the third in a series of

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Working With the Instinctual Biases–Skill and Self-Management

When it comes to working with your instinctual biases, there are two things to focus on: Learning to manage our reactions to them rather than being managed by them, andBecoming ... Read More

Responding to a Discussion on the Instinctual Biases

Warning--This post is for true Enneagram geeks! I was recently asked on a Facebook forum about my view on the instinctual biases and how they differed from some of the ... Read More

Back to Basics: Peter Drucker and What Makes an Effective Executive

One occupational challenge I face is trying to stay current with the literature on management and leadership. As in every other field, we have more access to more ideas than ... Read More

Leadership Presence and the Art of Letting Things Come and Letting Things Go

I’m often asked to work with leaders to help them improve “leadership presence,” which is usually a catch-all phrase for intangible qualities of leadership that range from polishing their physical ... Read More

What Kind of Game is This?

We often find ourselves in the midst of a conflict without realizing how we got there and without really thinking about how we can find our way out. Or, since ... Read More

The Core Qualities and Accelerators: Finding the “Heart” of the Enneagram

This post is an excerpt from “The Notes and the Melody: An Introduction to the Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram,” by Mario Sikora. The book can be obtained ... Read More