The Human Side of Leadership

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Why Awareness to Action International?

We equip you to master the human side of leadership

People are a company’s greatest resource. Skillfully managing them and helping them navigate a dynamic environment can be its greatest challenge. We can only do this if we really understand what motivates people to act the way they do—what makes them resist change and how to create lasting change. We will equip you to meet that challenge.

We have insights and experience you won't find anywhere else

We weave together the most useful insights from cognitive and evolutionary psychology; time-tested leadership and management practices; and personality studies. We combine them with nearly two decades of real-world experience working with leaders in organizations of all sizes across the globe.

Our network of consultants is ready to work with you today

We are a network of consultants spread across five continents who understand how to take you from Awareness to Action. We have helped clients of all sizes in a variety of sectors reach new levels of performance. We can help you unleash the talent in your organization. Contact us today to find out how.

We are the global leaders in theory and practical application of the Enneagram model of personality

The Awareness to Action Enneagram

Our proprietary approach to this dynamic system is clear, concise, and practical; and we use it to get results.
On this website you will find several resources to know more about this powerful system.

Corporate Programs

We provide programs at the individual, team, and enterprise levels to help organizations move from Awareness to Action. Our programs will help you improve leadership, communication, collaboration, decision-making, sales management, and more.

Public Programs

We deliver in-person and online public programs, including Talks, Workshops and Certification Programs. See our calendar of events to find out what is planned for the coming months.

The Awareness to Action Team

Our consultants are based on five continents working in multiple languages, which gives Awareness to Action International a depth of experience and diversity of perspective that makes us unique.