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You don’t have to change who you are to successfully lead people.

In an ever-changing work environment, learning how to navigate the increasing complexity of a growing business can feel cumbersome and inefficient. You know what you should do. You just don’t know why you sometimes can’t and how to get out of your own way. What if you didn’t have to fundamentally change who you are, or try to get your people to change their personality, for the sake of high-output performance?

Be effective
in any situation.

You want to be a fully capable leader who has the ability to confidently navigate change and remain consistently effective at building an engaged team as you scale. To do that you need to be able to understand yourself and adapt your approach to leading people based on a deep understanding of what motivates them to excel.

What once worked to effectively lead and motivate people to thrive may not work now. Leading people is more complicated than it used to be, and that complexity can keep you from working at the level you should be.

The best leaders understand
people, not just process.

We often assume that what motivates us also motivates others. The moment we understand that is not the case, and how to motivate others, we start to skillfully lead.

We don’t change people; we help them grow. Faster.

At Awareness to Action International, we understand that small adjustments in their thought processes are usually all that is needed to unlock a leader’s potential to develop new skills, but they must be the right adjustments. We’ve spent the last 25 years helping business leaders rewrite their narratives and create the mindset they need to grow in an authentic way.

With that experience, we’ve become the leading experts globally in applying the Enneagram model of personality styles to all aspects of business.


"I had the pleasure of receiving Mario’s coaching as an Executive of a $2b organization. Mario’s assessment process, 360 review and coaching were instrumental for me to unlock additional potential. I, with emphasis, recommend Mario’s firm for those seeking to unlock further potential of their leadership team’s ability to lean forward as well as solve problems within their respective organizations. His ability to reach in and “rewire” those who are excellent performers but are somewhat “hardwired” is truly amazing and the outcomes are equally amazing. Well done Mario!"

– Drew Levine President, Secure Solutions USA

"Mario uses awareness to help leaders develop their own personal action plans while providing consistent feedback and guidance. I have directly seen how Mario’s coaching has helped a number of teams break down barriers and improve communications and efficiency across the organization. I highly recommend Mario as a personal leadership coach and team coach for organizations of any size."

– Kevin Keefe, Senior VP, Broadband Networks at CommScope

“In searching for the right executive coach, I interviewed a number of candidates. Mario was different from the others in that he was able to quickly assess what I needed from a coach. Working together we developed an individualized plan that leveraged my strengths and focused on specific areas of development. The result is that I have enhanced confidence and maturity as a senior leader in my company. Given his background, style, and my personal experience with Mario, I highly recommend him.”

– Ken Manne, Vice President & General Counsel, Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited

Expand Your Capacity for Growth.

We don’t try to change people, we work with who they are, and we work with them in a way that respects their values. We help you elevate your capacity to get results. We do this by identifying ineffective narratives and helping you unleash your power to lead at a higher level. Here’s how:

Step 1: Awareness

We help you see the habitual patterns that might be holding you back and limit your ability to grow.

Step 2: Authenticity

We help you resolve the inner conflicts that you may not even be aware of so you can overcome those obstacles and create lasting growth.

Step 3: Action

We help you create clear and precise action plans that move you toward your goals and establish new ways of thinking and responding adaptively to changing circumstances.

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