Corporate Programs

Awareness to Action International provides programs at the individual, team, and enterprise levels to help organizations move from Awareness to Action. All our core programs can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. We can meet with you to conduct a needs assessment and design something specifically for you.

Personalities @ Work

Mastering the Power of Personality with the Awareness to Action Enneagram 

People are complex, and they bring different sets of values and styles—the habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and action—to their interactions. 

In short, they have personalities at work. 

Unsuccessful organizations ignore those differences, assuming people will figure out how to overcome their differences and disconnections. 

Successful organizations understand that to effectively align people, we have to understand what motivates people and adapt our approach accordingly. They help people understand each other so we can work toward their common goals as efficiently as possible. 

Equipping them to do this is the focus of our signature program: Personalities@Work. 

Personalities@Work introduces our unique, practical, and reliable approach to the Enneagram—the Awareness to Action (ATA) Enneagram—and uses it as the foundation for helping our clients improve individual, team, and organizational performance.  


We understand that the obstacles that we put in our own way can be the hardest to overcome.  

We understand that our individual values and interpersonal styles can be the source of our greatest strengths, but they can also be the source of unconscious conflict among teams.  

The Personalities@Work program helps you understand these challenges and how to overcome them. 

The ATA Enneagram works because we don’t try to change people into something they are not, we use it to help them rewrite the software of their minds and bring out the best of who they are. 

The basic program is an overview of the Awareness to Action Enneagram, particularly the three instinctual biases, the nine Ennea-type strategies, and how each influences organizational behavior in positive and negative ways. 

From that starting point, we tailor programs to our clients’ needs and goals, providing synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid virtual programs as well as live, in-person training and consulting. (To access the self-directed, asynchronous version of Personalities@Work, visit 

Topics we can address with the Personalities@Work program include: 


Understanding Differences in Organizations


Teambuilding and team-coaching


Collaboration and communication for intact and dispersed teams


Managing Resistance to Change


Bringing Out the Best in Our People


Contact us today to find out how you can master the power of personality with Personalities@Work.

Awareness to Action Executive Coaching Program

“Everybody needs a coach.” Eric Schmidt

The most-elite athletes and performers know that to continue to excel over the long-term they need guidance from a trusted advisor. Leaders in organizations, however, often ignore former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s advice and fail to take advantage of a coach. They fall into the trap of believing that past success guarantees future success.

This is a mistake.

Everybody needs a coach.

At Awareness to Action International, we provide coaching to a wide range of leaders across multiple industries and diverse cultures. Our clients span five continents and numerous business sectors, and we bring over two decades of experience working with global leaders to bear on our engagements with our clients.

Our coaching engagements are tailored to meet the needs of our individual clients, but they all build on a foundation of three principles:



Awareness—All growth starts with increased self-awareness. We accomplish this through an in-depth 360 assessment via verbal interviews and a personality style assessment.



One should build on what the client already values rather than try to change who they are. We help them rewrite their inner narratives in a way that honors their sense of self while allowing them to incorporate new behaviors.



Talking about growth is not enough, we need to take action. We help our clients develop and execute on clear and precise action plans that take them toward their developmental goals as directly as possible.

Clear Thinking and Decision Making for Leaders

The best leaders have clear vision.

This doesn’t mean they just know where they want to go; they also have the ability to read the world around them, assess it, and make decisions based on clear thinking.

Unfortunately, we live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world and clarity is in short supply. Our brains are wired for much simpler times, and we are weighed down by biases and thinking patterns that worked to help our ancestors survive in a very different environment, but can work against us as we try to thrive in ours.

“Clear Thinking and Decision Making for Leaders” helps leaders recognize the challenges they are up against when it comes to accurately and effectively assessing their environment and making decisions on reliable information with objectivity and logic. Those obstacles are:


Built-in biases of the brain


Personality biases


Cultural filters


Ignorance, and



The program helps leaders develop skill in using the tools for countering each of these obstacles—the five elements of the Awareness to Action Clear Thinking Model.

Contact us today to find out more and to discuss your company’s needs. ATAI’s consultants will work with you to design a program that is right for your company.


"I had the pleasure of receiving Mario’s coaching as an Executive of a $2b organization. Mario’s assessment process, 360 review and coaching were instrumental for me to unlock additional potential. I, with emphasis, recommend Mario’s firm for those seeking to unlock further potential of their leadership team’s ability to lean forward as well as solve problems within their respective organizations. His ability to reach in and “rewire” those who are excellent performers but are somewhat “hardwired” is truly amazing and the outcomes are equally amazing. Well done Mario!"

– Drew Levine, COO, Allied Universal.

"Mario uses awareness to help leaders develop their own personal action plans while providing consistent feedback and guidance. I have directly seen how Mario’s coaching has helped a number of teams break down barriers and improve communications and efficiency across the organization. I highly recommend Mario as a personal leadership coach and team coach for organizations of any size."

– Kevin Keefe, Senior VP, Broadband Networks at CommScope

“In searching for the right executive coach, I interviewed a number of candidates. Mario was different from the others in that he was able to quickly assess what I needed from a coach. Working together we developed an individualized plan that leveraged my strengths and focused on specific areas of development. The result is that I have enhanced confidence and maturity as a senior leader in my company. Given his background, style, and my personal experience with Mario, I highly recommend him.”

– Ken Manne, Vice President & General Counsel, Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited

Instinctual Selling 

Sales success depends on building rapport, understanding our customer’s needs, and speaking to those needs. Our “Instinctual Selling Program” helps you do that better. 


Transmitting salespeople are often engaging and charismatic but can struggle to hear the customer’s needs. 


Preserving salespeople are methodical and consistent but can struggle to engage with customers. 


Navigating salespeople are good at understanding customer needs but can struggle with consistent execution.  


Grow your organization.

Stop letting habitual and limited narratives keep your organization from continuing to grow. Equip your organization with the tools they need to work with their innate tendencies, better understand their environment, and capably adapt to any situation.