Mario Sikora, Maria Jose Munita, and Seth “Creek” Creekmore explore the Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram.

The Awareness to Action Approach is grounded in practical and results-oriented applications of the Enneagram. While the fundamental principles of the ATA Enneagram were forged in the crucible of working in the business world and with leaders of all kinds, they maintain the depth of the system and are applicable to any area of life—professional and personal.

In each episode, Mario, Maria Jose, and Creek will examine one aspect of the ATA approach. We welcome your comments and questions at info@awarenesstoaction.com.  

The Enneagram in a Movie Podcast is a fun and informative way to take a deep dive into understanding the Enneagram. In the third season of The Enneagram in a Movie podcast, Mario Sikora and TJ Dawe are joined by TJ Ingrassia to explore themes related to the Enneagram in a variety of movies, starting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You’ll never see movies—or the Enneagram—the same way!