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Awareness, Authenticity, Action.

Our Story

Awareness to Action International is a global consulting group that focuses on helping our clients master the human side of leadership. Our consultants work on five continents and in multiple languages, and they bring a depth of experience and diversity of perspective that is found in few places.

We live in a complex and ever-changing world, and the only way to be successful in it is to learn to adapt to its demands. Unfortunately, human nature tends to seek consistency and habit. In order to adapt, we must understand how to get out of our habitual patterns and respond to reality.

Ultimately, our goal

is to help our clients improve performance in whatever it is they do—to adapt and act with greater effectiveness. However, we believe that most of the obstacles that impede effective action have their roots in our own minds; that due to habitual, non-conscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior, we limit our ability to learn new skills and to change. If we want to change, we have to become aware of—and change—the internal narratives that keep us from changing. Learning to take control of our narratives and rewriting them in a more authentic way allows us to take effective and focused action.

All of our programs involve

these three steps—Awareness, Authenticity, and Action as a foundation for understanding our circumstances and creating change. This process is based on the most useful insights from cognitive and evolutionary psychology; time-tested leadership and management practices; and personality studies.

Awareness to Action Partners

Mario Sikora

Founder and CEO

María José Munita

Partner and Vice President

Tamer Zanaty

Partner and Vice President

Becky Gorman


Claudia Schöffler


Become a better leader.

Stop letting habitual and limited narratives keep you from continuing to grow. Learn to work with your innate tendencies, better understand your environment, and capably adapt to any situation.